What is Geppetto?

Geppetto is a tool enabling to choose a product from its characteristics. It can be seen as a electronic catalog. It is particurarly relevant for very complex technical products where the configuration rules are hard to describe in a paper catalog.

The end-user chooses the product characteristics in any order. The list of matching products and available remaining choices are displayed in real time (See the screenshots).

What is the technical background ?

Geppetto is written in Java. All the products data and the user interface definition are stored in a relational database. The current version is based on HSQLDB as its file tables are very handy but other databases may be used.

Geppetto is currently a standalone application but may evolve (Applet, client/server).

The target is that the user concentrates in preparing his products data and describing the user interface and that no programming is required on his side.
Currently the products data and user interface are stored in a relational database tables (that are also TAB separated text files thanks to HSQLDB). I plan to develop a "Geppetto Studio" tool to allow to do all the settings with a graphic interface, but that's not the top priority.

Why "Geppetto" (with two T and two P)

"Geppetto" loosely stands for GEneric Product Tool.

What is the licence ?

Geppetto is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

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